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  • Why You and Your Kids Should Do Karate—It Fights Anxiety, Prevents Bullying and More

    Why You and Your Kids Should Do Karate—It Fights Anxiety, Prevents Bullying and More

    Parade Magazine, November 14, 2019, By Leslie Goldman
    For most people, the word karate conjures up images of martial arts flicks and Ralph Macchio'sfamous tournament-winning Crane kick. But for those who practice the ancient discipline, it’s about so much more. “It’s a mind, body and spirit practice that brings benefits like fitness, mental discipline, and character development,” says Ryan Libel, executive director of Thousand Waves Martial Arts and Self Defense Center in Chicago and a third degree black belt. “It is an art that supports and heals us and helps us grow as we navigate the normal ups and downs of life.” Thanks to a ....

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  • Stranger Danger & Child Safety Workshop

    Stranger Danger & Child Safety Workshop

    Unfortunately, in today's world, we need to teach personal safety to kids and make them aware of potentially dangerous people and situations. At KMA Challenge Martial Arts Centre, together with Victoria Police, we are qualified to educate others about situational awareness, avoidance, and preparation Join us for our Stranger Danger & Child Safety Workshop Saturday, October 26, 2019, at 1:30 pm. Register Here!

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  • Martial arts SHOULD BE A Prerequisite for EVERY child.

    Martial arts SHOULD BE A Prerequisite for EVERY child.

    Q: Will martial arts teach my children to respect authority? A: Regardless of the style, a great martial arts instructor will command absolute respect from his or her young students. This respect for a particular authority figure can easily extend to respect for authority in general, especially when the focus of classes emphasises this concept. At KMA Challenge Martial Arts Centre, we take pride in teaching with value. ....

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  • The 8 main elements of a Martial Arts Class

    The 8 main elements of a Martial Arts Class

    Are you looking to join your local karate club or have you already taken the first step and signed up? If you haven't yet visited your local martial arts school, you're probably wondering what a typical karate class looks like. This article will break down the main elements of a good karate class. Obviously, not every club will follow this format, and within each martial arts school the weekly classes will also change, but this is meant to be a guide of what to expect in general. Classes also vary in length ranging from short 30 minute classes for young kids to 45 minutes classes or longer for older kids, teenagers and adults. The following example is based on a one-hour class and not all ....

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  • Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips

    Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips

    For young children and teens, Halloween is one of the FUNNEST times of the year! But trick-or-treating can come back to haunt you if kids and parents aren't careful. Take a look at these vital Safety Tips before you send off your kids of to spooky streets and haunted houses. These tips will help keep your kids safe and give you peace of mind... ....

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  • Expert Tips on How to Strengthen Your Determination

    On the road to achieving your ultimate goal, black belt, you may have times when elf-doubt or outside pressures weaken your resolve. Especially during the colder weather, and when there are fewer daylight hours, it takes more psychological energy to stay focused on your goals. The following tips to strengthen your determination are from experts in the field. 1. Surround yourself with people who believe in you.
    These people can be classmates, teachers, coaches, and friends. They will supply you with feedback, emotional support ....

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  • Martial Arts Philosophy and Proper Training

    Martial Arts Philosophy and Proper Training

    Martial arts are systems of offensive and defensive combat movements which includes proper punching, kicking, blocking, and other combative skills. Many people often associate martial arts to violence and brutality. Even though this form of art was developed for self defense, this craft is just about throwing punches or performing high kicks. Martial arts are seen as expressions of valor, chivalry, and self-sacrifice. It is a philosophy which stresses that people should live in peace and harmony. Martial arts philosophy emphasises on the essence of self-control, respect for others, and positive perspective to strive for the best in life. Martial arts are part of an Eastern tradition that ....

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  • It's All About The Basics

    It's All About The Basics

    Ask any professional how they became good at their martial arts skills and they will tell you practice. Ask them what they practiced and you will most likely hear "the fundamentals" or "the basics." I have had the pleasure over my years to meet and learn from some great martial artists. The thing that struck me was that every one of them talked about how their earliest instructor was a traditionalist and had them study the basics. In other words, what made them great was the fact that they spent time on the fundamentals. Now the sad part of this was that half of them were not teaching the knowledge they claimed made them good. They were into the flash and the short cuts. While this is ....

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  • Why Martial Arts?

    Why Martial Arts?

    Everyone faces a time when he or she looks in the mirror, unhappy with what looks back, or feels age creeping into the bones and decides that it is time to do something about it. There is no magic age when this might occur. It can happen in our twenties or sixties, but it happens to most of us. Next, we start researching diet and exercise programs. Some people have very little problems with the diet part of the plan; it's the exercise that confuses or scares people. In today's fast-paced society where multi-tasking is the norm, why not combine a total body workout with one the will increase your self-discipline and confidence while also teaching you to protect yourself. Why not try a ....

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  • How To Get Past The Fear Of Taking Your First Karate Belt Test

    How To Get Past The Fear Of Taking Your First Karate Belt Test

    OK, so you’ve stuck with your karate training for a couple of months already. You enjoy learning all of the punches, kicks and blocks, you’ve learned your first kata and you also know some basic partner work drills. It’s time to try for your next belt and for some reason it feels like a wave of fear has suddenly come over you that is threatening your future in the martial arts. You know you have to take a belt test (also called promotion test or grading) to get the next belt and you want to be successful, but suddenly your previous fear of public speaking seems insignificant compared to the prospect of demonstrating your karate prowess in front of your instructor and fellow club members. ....

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