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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu And The Guillotine Choke

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu And The Guillotine Choke

The guillotine choke is one of many submission holds in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Chances are, you have seen this countless times during MMA events.

But why do you see it often? The answer is very simple. The opponent gets into the right position that the more skills fighter sees and then executes it properly. This happens every time when that person puts their head outside of the opponents body so don’t you think this is worth learning?

There are two types of guillotine choke. There is the blood choke and the air choke. If you apply pressure using your forearm against your opponent’s windpipe, then you achieve an air choke. If this is placed on the arteries of the neck, then you have a blood choke.

In addition to the two types of chokes, you should also know that this can be done while you are standing or on the ground. Most fighters do it while they are standing because of better leverage in this position. If you are on the ground, you have to get your opponent first into a full guard position.

Now it is time to learn how to choke.

Let’s make it simple by starting in a standing position and perform the regular guillotine choke. You have to first pull your opponent’s head down by placing your hand on his neck or by pulling down on his GI so he is facing the ground.

Now put your arm around his neck into a position similar to a headlock. Slide your forearm down under his chin and around his neck making sure that the blade of your forearm is against his neck.

Then grasp the wrist of your choking arm with your free hand. Keep this grip on his neck tightly so that his head is wedged under your arm.

Place one leg slightly forward, stand up straight and twist your hips in the direction of your forward leg whichever you are using to execute this choke.

A more complicated version is the spine locking guillotine choke. Here, you start by bringing your opponent’s head down and wrap your arms around his head which is similar to the regular guillotine choke.

Using your forearm, turn your opponent’s head towards the hand of your choking arm so can put pressure on his spine.

Put your free hand on your opponent’s back on the same side of his head as your free hand. Then grasp the wrist of your planted hand with the hand of your choking arm and lean back.

If executed properly, your opponent has no choice but to surrender. If they don’t, they will become unconscious in the next few seconds. This move is not only used in competition but also in the street so you just have to practice how to do it.

Aside from the guillotine choke, there are other moves in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you can learn and apply in and outside the ring.

After all, this can only be used when you are in front of the opponent. There are ways to subdue them when you are able to go behind them or on their side. You just have to listen to your instructor and watch how these are done so you can spar with someone in order to do it correctly.

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