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 in Oakleigh - Challenge Martial Arts & Fitness Centre

Everyone faces a time when he or she looks in the mirror, unhappy with what looks back, or feels age creeping into the bones and decides that it is time to do something about it.  There is no magic age when this might occur.  It can happen in our twenties or sixties, but it happens to most of us.  Next, we start researching diet and exercise programs.  Some people have very little problems with the diet part of the plan; it's the exercise that confuses or scares people.  In today's fast-paced society where multi-tasking is the norm, why not combine a total body workout with one the will increase your self-discipline and confidence while also teaching you to protect yourself.  Why not try a martial art?

There are many martial arts, so the first step is to figure out what you want out of the class.  After you write down your goals schedule an introductory appointment with one of our friendly reception staff members.  Talk to the instructors about your current shape and your goals to find out what they offer that can help you attain the results you desire.  Then jump in slowly and don't overdo it.  The great thing about martial arts is that you are competing against yourself, not others,  If you can't touch your toes, start with touching your knees, then your shins and, eventually, your fingers will find your toes.

Most martial arts give you a total body workout by strengthening your core muscles, not just one area.  You will work on developing your abs, back, chest, legs and arms.  Most people leave their first few classes saying, "I used muscles I didn't know I had!"  Not only will you improve your muscles, but also your balance, which is an added bonus considering a few recent studies have shown a correlation between lack of balance and Alzheimer's.  If that were not enough, you will get a great cardio workout with short bursts of intense effort mingling with intervals of less intense effort.

But the best part may be the friendships formed.  Unlike the gym, martial arts classmates encourage and assist each other as they overcome hurdles and obstacles. Everybody from the instructors to the white belt wants you to succeed.  With a support system like that, you'll find that the exercise portion of diet and exercise can be taken care of with a swift roundhouse kick!

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